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Monsoon Season are available for booking through our promotion company "Turning Tides Promotions"

May - August

Venue:                          Event:                        Location:                            Date:                               Time
 Donoghue's Cavan 16th    May      2014 20:00
 The Aubrey House  Shankill, Dublin 17th    May      2014 23:00
 The Grand Social  Dublin, City Centre 30th    May      2014  21:00
 Whisky Moon  Dun Laoghaire 21st    June     2014 22:00
 Whelans Chandlier Sessions Dublin, City Centre 26th    June     2014 20:45
 Whelans  Blue Moon Rising Dublin, City Centre15th     July      2014....
 Bello Bar  Dublin, City Centre 1st      July      2014 20:00
 More to be announced    

January - March
Venue:                          Event:                             Location:                            Date:                               Time
 Whelans New Music  Dublin, City Center 28th   January  2014 20:00
 Sweeneys  Dimestore Recordings Dublin, City Center 27th   February 2014 23:00
 The Palace JamRock Navan, Meath 3rd     March    2014 21:00
 Sweeneys  Dimestore Recordings Dublin, City Center 14th   March    2014 23:00
 International BarDublin's Underground Beat Dublin, City Center 21st   March    2014 20:30
 The Grand Social  Dublin, City Center 22nd   March    2014 20:00
 More to be announced