A six-piece erupting from the swells of the East Coast music scene and actively road tripping all around the country to play their original Music to as many new faces as possible. 


Helen Holligan - Songwriter/Vocals/Guitar

Ross Nevin - Sax/Flute/Backing vocals

Ross Kelly - Lead Guitar

Bala Blake - Bass

Nimai Blake - Drums

Jamie Kelly - Congas

Currently rehearsing at 'Clique Studios' where they are working on new songs to bring to the stage. Monsoon Season are gigging every week so check out this Facebook page for gig dates/times.

'Kind words from Robbie O Raw' 
--I invite you to join us on an escapist's journey from today's hectic life to the shores of good vibes and surf fueled tunes. Immerse yourself in the warm tide of tracks, written with hope firmly in heart, love on the horizon and a summer's sun glinting above.

'Review from Noisy Plug Session Galway' 
--Dreamy, acoustic surfer rock from Dublin. Laid back, with extra sax to drive the funk home, this band are busy recording at the moment for what promises to be a hit series of releases. Perfect music to chill to as day turns to night and the tempo picks up'

Review from Unsigned & Independent Magazine

“Again they get it all right and loose themselves in the process as much as the appreciative audience watching.”

''If you've just discovered Monsoon Season it's probably the right time, coming in to what will hopefully be a hot season, outdoor jams, road tripping, windows down, and Monsoon Season on''